Wed. 5-28 political law links

HUNT ON ROBERTS ON CORRUPTION.  NYT.  “The definition of corruption was hotly debated on the court by Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Stephen G. Breyer. The chief justice, who opposes most campaign finance restrictions, offered a narrow interpretation: Political corruption is bribery only, a direct exchange of an official act for money.”

FEC ENFORCEMENT VACUUM.  In the Arena (Svoboda).  “Proponents of campaign finance regulation frequently criticize the FEC for failing to forcefully police the campaign finance landscape. The agency currently faces a significant backlog of unresolved enforcement cases, and Commissioners are voting on fewer enforcement matters than in previous years.”

SHOW AND DOUGH.  Politico.  “Anthony Scaramucci was in his element.”

FL:  MONEY RACE.  “Being driven by a likely record-setting governor’s race, campaign contributions are rolling in this election cycle at a higher clip than in 2010, the last time Florida had a gubernatorial race.”

MA:  REIMBURSEMENT COMPLAINT.  Boston Globe.  “The Massachusetts Republican Party today said it filed a complaint with state campaign finance regulators asking them to investigate whether Attorney General Martha Coakley broke the law in waiting years to reimburse taxpayers for gas and mileage to political events in a state vehicle.”

NY:  USE OF FUNDS.  NYP.  “If politicians are accused of a crime in New York, their friends can pick up the tab — and it’s all legal.”

NY:  CFR PUSH.  NYDN.  “Gov. Cuomo will work to toss the Senate Republicans from power by reuniting the chamber’s fractured Democrats if the GOP does not agree to create a statewide public financing system for campaigns, according to sources with direct knowledge of the situation.”


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