Political Law Links 6-2-14

NEW GAO REPORT.  Roll Call.  “A new government report is out on how the choir of lobbyists and lobbying firms comply with the disclosure requirements of federal lobbying law, but fails to show anything about those who never registered to lobby or report in the first place.”

EX-BLOGGER SUPER PAC CONNECTION.  The Hill.  “The owner of a New Hampshire news site covering the Senate race there has resigned to spearhead a pro-Scott Brown super-PAC that launched late last month.”

CROSSROADS AND OPEN MIKE.  Politico.  Mike Allen interviewed Steven Law.

TOMORROW’S HEARING. Roll Call.  “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are expected to make a highly unusual appearance, testifying before the Judiciary Committee next week on the issue of political donations and freedom of speech.”

AL:  ALLEGATIONS.  AL.com.  “State Sen. Paul Sanford’s Republican primary opponent is accusing Sanford of multiple campaign finance law violations and taking money from a PAC with Democratic Party ties.”

DC:  BROWN SENTENCED.  WP.  “Former D.C. Council member Michael A. Brown, who said he was caught up in a ‘culture of corruption running rampant in our city,’ was sentenced Thursday to more than three years in federal prison for accepting tens of thousands of dollars in bribes.”

LA:  VITTER AND SUPER PAC.  NJ.  “Along the way, Vitter has become perhaps the first politician in the country to be the largest funder of his own super PAC.”

TX:  JUNE HEARING SET.  Houston Chron.  “Texas’ campaign finance and lobby regulator will decide next month if the leader of one of the state’s most influential conservative groups flouted state law by failing to register as a lobbyist in 2010 and 2011.”

FRANCE:  LESSONS FOR US.  TheBlaze.com.  “So what are strict rules good for? As this French scandal shows us, apparently nothing, as political strategists always find loopholes in the system. Can money corrupt politicians? Sure it can, but cash-strapped political campaigns fare even worse and fuel voter cynicism about our political process.”


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