Fri. political law links

HBD “SUPER PAC”.  Yahoo.  “Then writing for National Journal, Eliza Newlin Carney first used the term in a column published on June 26, 2010, doing so to describe a new group called Workers’ Voices that intended to raise unlimited amounts of money to create political ads.”

CLOSING ARGUMENTS.  “Federal prosecutors delivered their closing arguments in the case against a North Canton businessman Thursday morning, reiterating their accusations that he violated U.S. campaign finance laws.”

GRIMM DEFERRAL.  Politico.  “At the request of the Justice Department, the House Ethics Committee has deferred any action against indicted Rep. Michael Grimm for threatening a reporter, the panel said Wednesday afternoon.”

CA:  OC ETHICS.  LAT.  “Despite being dismissed as an “irresponsible and wasteful” proposal by officials last year, the Orange County Grand Jury has again called for the creation of an ethics commission.”

CT:  WAITING FOR DECISION.  NH Register.  “Last week, the SEEC found the Foley campaign had submitted $264,148 in contributions capped at $100 per individual, but only $220,977 were found to fit the definition of qualifying money.”

GA:  DEKALB ETHICS.  “Saying he is sick and tired of hearing about scandals involving government officials and employees, DeKalb County’s top politician announced some major ethics reforms Wednesday.”

NC: AUDIT IN PROGRESS.  N&O.  “Auditors at the State Board of Elections have reviewed campaign finance reports filed by Rep. Michael Wray since 2004 and are awaiting more details from the Gaston Democrat on his campaign’s spending on meals, mileage and lodging, a board spokesman said.”

TX:  JUDGE FINED.  Monitor.  “Ramirez has been ordered to pay a $2,500 fine for the violations on his campaign’s semiannual finance reports from July 2010 to January 2012, an administrative order from the Ethics Commission shows.”

TX:  ETHICS SHOWDOWN.  My San Antonio.  “Michael Quinn Sullivan, the outspoken conservative activist who regularly bashes the Texas Ethics Commission online, refused to testify Wednesday in front of that panel of regulators set to decide if he broke state lobbying laws.”


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