Mon. political law links

REVERSAL OF FORTUNE.  House Ethics.  “In light of feedback we have received from our fellow Members and after further consideration, we have determined that the Committee will return to its previous guidance regarding disclosure of privately sponsored travel on financial disclosure reports, effective immediately.”

LESSIG PAC GOAL.  TechCrunch.  “Lawrence Lessig’s just raised a lot of money…to help get the money out of politics by campaigning to elect five politicians who will enact campaign finance reform.”

GRANNY D IN THE NEWS.  WT.  “Some 400 members of a non-partisan group pushing for campaign finance overhaul are on a 16-mile march along the seacoast to bring attention to the cause.”

LAFOLLETTE AND CFR.  “As Wisconsin’s governor from 1901 to 1906, La Follette led a team that, despite stout opposition, made significant progress on the Progressive agenda.”

PLEDGES IN THE NEWS.  WWLP.  “It’s since been proposed by candidates — Republican and Democrat — in Senate races this year in Alaska, Kentucky and New Hampshire. Candidates running in Rhode Island’s Democratic primary for governor have already signed a pledge, and it’s been proposed in gubernatorial and attorney general races in Massachusetts.”

STEYER BIGGEST DONOR.  SFGate.  “Now, while 21 Americans have already kicked in $1 million to super PACs in this election cycle, according to NBC and the Center for Responsive Politics, [Tom] Steyer remains officially the biggest individual political donor to super PACs.”

IL:  SUPER PAC BUYING TOWN?  Chicago Tribune.  “But say a Super PAC was to come along and buy a small South Dakota town, name it Chicago West (no relation to Kanye) and then allow Emanuel to use the town to discreetly store certain elements of Chicago that people would like to see, shall we say, disappear?”

WV:  LABOR SUPER PAC LAUNCH.   Daily Mail.  “West Virginia organized labor created a new independent fundraising arm in an attempt to fight the flow of outside money affecting federal elections in the state.”


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