Tues. political law links

SUPER PAC EMBRACE.  Seattle Times.  “President Obama’s Tuesday fundraising swing through the Seattle area will include a high-priced dinner event benefiting a Democratic super PAC.”

$468, 22 MONTHS, AND THE FEC.  In the Know (D. Mason).  “Connie Mack lost his U.S. Senate race in Florida in 2012, but the FEC wasn’t finished until about a month ago.”

CA:  PUBLIC FINANCING CONSIDERED.  Dailycal.org.  “Berkeley is considering allowing local politicians to use public funds to finance their campaigns, by way of a measure that aims to give small, individual contributions to candidates more weight.”

IN:  WHEN THE FBI COMES KNOCKING.  NWTimes.com.  “FBI agents appeared at the Porter County Administration Building on Monday seeking copies of campaign records for Portage Mayor James Snyder.”

KY:  FAKE CANDIDATE.  WDRB.  “The group – which says it’s non-partisan – is running a phony candidate to draw attention to the money being raised and spent in Kentucky’s U.S. Senate race.”

NH:  WILL RULES STICK?  NHPR.org.  “A bill awaiting Gov. Maggie Hassan’s signature requires 501(c)4s and other politically active nonprofits to register with the Secretary of State’s office and report its receipts and expenditures.”

NY:  PUBLIC FUNDING, STRINGS ATTACHED.  NYDN.  “The Campaign Finance Board wants its money back — the public’s money, that is — from a Bronx councilman who’s trying to use it to win a state Senate seat.”


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