political law links

WHAT’S NEW IN COERCION.  Insidepoliticallaw.com.  “An FEC enforcement action recently made public may be of interest to organizations that use members’ dues for political activities.”

PAYSTAND AND BITCOIN DONATIONS.  MarketWired.  “PayStand, a next generation online payment solution which accepts Bitcoin as well as traditional forms of payment, is in the forefront of the newest wave of political contribution as Bitcoin donations start to hit the mainstream.”

SUMMER FUN WITH SUPER PAC NAME GAME.  Boston Globe.  “We’ve pulled some of the most ambiguous names from recent election cycles. Test your intuitive skills by matching the super PAC with its beneficiary.”

CFR AND POLARIZATION.  WP.  “We concluded that campaign finance reform was a weak tool for reducing partisan polarization, especially of the asymmetric variety that dominates our politics today.”

ROBERTS HITS WITNESS TIES TO DARK MONEY ALLIANCE.  WFB.  “Questioning a witness who said she supports additional disclosure requirements for non-profit groups that exercise their First Amendment rights to too great a degree, Roberts pointed out that the witness’ employer is funded by donors affiliated with the secretive Democracy Alliance.”

ME:  PAC FINE.  WT.  “The Maine Senate president’s leadership political action committee may be fined due to a campaign finance violation.”

MN:  FAILURE TO QUALIFY.  Star Tribune.  “Independence Party candidate Hannah Nicollet said Thursday she failed to qualify for a public campaign subsidy in the Minnesota gubernatorial race, a significant setback that’s a financial gain for her opponents.”

MA:  BILL CLEARED.  Masslive.com.  “The Massachusetts Senate unanimously passed campaign finance legislation Wednesday that forces more disclosures from super PACs, an attempt to increase transparency in campaign spending in the post-Citizens United era.”

WI:  SPENDING ON DOE DEFENSE.  JSOnline.  “Gov. Scott Walker funneled more than $320,000 from his campaign account to defense attorneys over the last six months as he and his allies fought a secret probe into fundraising and spending during the 2012 recall election.”


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