7.30 political law links

ROCKEFELLER SUPER PAC SUPPORTER. WP. “Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller is retiring this year after 30 years of serving West Virginia. Although he’d probably like to retire to a peaceful, non-political life after decades of elections, a new potential hobby for the affluent (like Rockefeller) has popped up in the last few years that didn’t exist before he was elected to the West Virginia state legislature in 1966: Funding super PACs.”

MAYDAY SUPPORT. Time. “The Mayday Super PAC, a crowdfunded Political Action Committee designed to support pro-campaign finance reform politicians, announced two of the candidates it will support in the upcoming 2014 midterm elections.”

FL: LOBBYIST WITNESS. Miami Herald. “When Candia pleaded guilty in May, Pizzi described the lobbyist as ‘a liar who would say and do anything to help himself.'”

KY: FELONY INDICTMENT. Kentucky.com. “State Rep. Forrest ‘Ben’ Waide, R-Madisonville, was indicted Tuesday by a Franklin County grand jury on felony campaign-finance charges.”

MA: TISEI ALLEGATIONS. Boston Globe. “When Tisei cut four checks to the political consultant between June and October 2011 for a total of $20,540, he did not pay out of a federal campaign account. Instead, he tapped a state account he’d built over 26 years as a Beacon Hill lawmaker and candidate for lieutenant governor.”

NY: NO FILINGS SINCE 13. Niagra Gazette. “Council Chairman Charles Walker has not filed campaign finance reports since January of 2013.”

INDIA: GUIDE FOR FOREIGN CONTRIBUTIONS. India Briefing. “While laws governing political contributions in the United States and Europe are relatively straightforward, restrictions in India are slightly more complex and effectively prohibit political parties and candidates from accepting contributions from foreign individuals and firms.”


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