8.7 political law links

MAYDAY PAC LAUNCH. Yahoo News. “A dark horse in the New Hampshire race for the U.S. Senate who has been fighting big money in politics got a surprise boost last week from a like-minded group – to the tune of $2 million.”

USING MCCUTCHEON. In the Capital. “As a result donors will be allowed to give up to $200,000 to the newly formed committee, $32,400 of which would go to the NRSC, and $10,000 to be doled out to the Republican headquarters in Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia.”

AZ: COMPLAINT FILED. AZcentral.com. “Under Arizona law, political committees that makes independent expenditures within 60 days of an election must mail a copy of campaign literature or advertisements to candidates who are mentioned.”

NM: SUIT FILED ON LIMITS. Sun News. “Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gary King asked New Mexico’s highest court Monday to resolve a dispute over whether his campaign accepted excessive contributions after the June primary election.”

NY: PUBLIC FINANCING UPDATE. WXXI. “Antonacci has to convince 2000 people to donate small amount of money to his campaign, by September 10th, and raise $200,000 from them, in order to qualify for a grant that will give him six times the amount of money that he raises by that date.”

NY: CAMPAIGN FUNDS FOR LEGAL FEES. Public Radio. “Governor Cuomo is using money from his $35-million campaign war chest to pay for a criminal defense lawyer in a federal probe of his office. Critics say while it’s legal to do so, it’s not an appropriate use of campaign money.”

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