Mon. Political Law Links

POTENTIAL INTERVENOR. “Public Advocate Letitia James is looking at jumping into a major federal campaign finance lawsuit—a move that would put her in a court battle against the New York Republican Party.”

SUPER PACS AND D’S. WSJ. “Strong fundraising by Democrats and their allies—including a formidable super PAC run by people close to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid —is helping the party remain competitive in Senate races where many other factors favor Republican candidates.”

STEYER FUNDS. Houston Chronicle. “Hedge fund executive Tom Steyer continued to funnel cash from his personal fortune to his pro-environment super PAC, NextGen Climate Action.”

AZ: SECOND COMPLAINT. “Republican candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission are facing a second complaint that they have broken finance rules, this time dealing with how they reported paying for signatures.”

CA: LEE ALLEGATIONS. “Mayor Ed Lee has been named in a civil lawsuit that alleges he conspired to accept bribes in the form of illegal campaign contributions from an undercover FBI agent involved in the far-reaching federal corruption and racketeering probe into State Sen. Leland Yee, Raymond ‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow, and 26 other defendants.”

CT: ROWLAND CONVICTED. NYT. “Former Gov. John G. Rowland of Connecticut, who nearly a decade ago was forced to resign from office in disgrace, was found guilty in federal court on Friday of engaging in corrupt political acts even after serving prison time for his previous conviction.”

LA: SUPER PAC COMPLAINT UPDATE. “An attorney for Sen. David Vitter’s Super PAC is asking the Louisiana Board of Ethics to quickly reject a complaint from a Democratic group challenging a $100,000 transfer from Vitter’s Senate campaign account.”


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