Political law links

READY FOR ANY DAY NOW. USAT. “The group supporting a potential presidential run by Hillary Rodham Clinton is ready to fold up shop and hand over its list of supporters to the Clinton campaign – if only Clinton will give the word.”


MAYDAY TRANSPARENCY. WFB. “Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig is a believer in political transparency, but according to a legal complaint filed on Thursday, his Super PAC routinely flout campaign finance disclosure laws.”

MI: LOBBYING LAW CHANGES? Lansing State Journal. “Food and drink is reported at more than $58 a month or $350 a year, for example. Travel and accommodations are reported in excess of $750.”

NC: FULLER ALLEGATIONS. Charlotte Observer. “A complaint has been filed with state elections officials against Mecklenburg County commissioners Chair Trevor Fuller, accusing him of filing incomplete, misleading, and sometimes late and inaccurate reporting of his campaign finances that go back to 2012.”

RI: LYNCH AND LOBBYING. WT. “The secretary of state’s office is conducting an inquiry into former Attorney General Patrick Lynch’s interactions with his old office in an attempt to determine whether he should have registered as a lobbyist.”

WI: POLITIFACT ASSESSES CLAIM. Politifact. “We’ll check both parts of his claim — that in Wisconsin, unions can essentially make unlimited contributions to political parties, while businesses can’t make any.”


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