2.4 political law links

UPDATED SITE FOR CONFERENCE BOARD’S COMMITTEE ON CORPORATE POLITICAL SPENDING.  Here via Wes Bizzell.  The site’s been updated to include more information about the last proxy season and shareholder resolutions.  The site looks to be a great resource for those seeking more information about corporate political activity transparency.

BUNDLING 101.  Roll Call.  “Bundling is a common practice and is, in fact, legal.”

LIMITS RAISED.  Caplin & Drysdale.  The authors of this chart get extra credit for including a “super PAC” column indicating that individuals and corporations may contribute without limit.  For last cycle, even the Federal Election Commission’s chart (visited 2/3/15,8 p.m.) didn’t note super PACs and the chart for this cycle isn’t online yet.

LIMITS RAISED.  WSJ.   “Under new FEC limits, which are adjusted for inflation in odd-numbered years, individuals can give up to $5,400 to candidates—$2,700 for their primary campaigns, and another $2,700 for the general election—and up to $33,400 per year to national party committees in the 2016 cycle.”

NEW LIMITS.  Inside Political Law.  “Effectively, this means that individuals can now give up to $801,600 to a party’s various accounts each year.  And a couple can give up to $3,206,400 to a party in the 2015-2016 election cycle.”

KINGSTON MOVE.  AJC.  “[Jack] Kingston’s listed duties do not, at this point, include lobbying. By law he cannot lobby his former colleagues for a year.”

COMMON SENSE AND CFR.  Fox.  “I’m simply saying that it’s time for a debate about the role of money in politics. And that debate is already happening — but right now it’s happening only on the left, and we need the voices of conservatives and others to take part in this debate. Start thinking about the issue and you might be surprised where you come out — and how many other conservatives will agree with you, starting with Barry Goldwater.”

CA:  FPPC MOVES.  Sacbee.com.  “Gary Winuk, the FPPC’s chief of enforcement for the last five years, said he’s resigning Feb. 27 to pursue other opportunities.”

CA:  FPPC CHAIR PLANS.  CC Times.  “The commission also has prioritized investigating violations and compelling compliance before the elections, providing fairness and transparency when it matters most. It is these policies and practices that advanced our record-breaking numbers.

PA:  CONTROLLER TO AMEND.  Post Gazette. “Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner plans to file an amended campaign finance report today that will provide more information about individual contributions, her campaign manager said.”

WI:  GAB POSTS.  WUWM.  “Federal Judge Charles Clevert ordered the Government Accountability Board to post links for four years, to emphasize that certain state laws no longer apply.”

FRA:  SCANDAL AND EX-PARTY CHIEF.  Yahoo.  ” The former head of France’s right-wing UMP party was charged Tuesday with ‘abuse of confidence’ over a campaign finance scandal dating back to Nicolas Sarkozy’s run for the presidency in 2012.”


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