Political law links for today

POLITICAL LAW ENFORCEMENT RESURGENCE.  WSJ.  “You know the 2016 election is heating up when the Justice Department announces it’s gearing up to prosecute campaign-finance ‘coordination’ between candidates and outside groups. If you thought the IRS targeting of conservative nonprofits was troubling, watch what Justice can do to criminalize political speech.”

CONTRIBUTION V. BRIBE.  Marketplace.  “Members of Congress give campaign donors special access, at least according to what Berkeley Ph.D. student Josh Kalla found in a 2013 study.”

GRAHAM ON CFR.  Bloomberg.   “I would like to control the money in politics to the extent it will destroy the political process,” Lindsey Graham said.

SON SUPER PAC HELP.  TX Tribune.  “George P. Bush is headlining a fundraiser Thursday in Austin for the super PAC that can collect unlimited amounts of money to support Jeb Bush if he decides to run for president, according to an invitation.”

CA:  ELEPHANT SUIT.  Sacbee.com.  “Last week, the state Republican Party sued the Asian Small Business PAC, claiming it is illegally using the Republican Party’s elephant symbol in its mail.”

FL:  WHO SENT MAIL?  Bocamag.com.   “Over the weekend, the last flurry of campaign mailers hit mailboxes in Boca Raton and Delray Beach.”

MD:  MARCH/APRIL 2015 BAR JOURNAL ELECTION SPECIAL.  This month’s edition features a number of interesting articles on election law topics.  It’s only available for download by members, however.

MT:  HOUSE SENDS BILL.  Helenair.com.  “After a flurry of motions, some House Republicans and most Democrats voted Monday to send the session’s major campaign finance bill to a committee considered more likely to support it than the panel where election measures usually go.”

PA:  MORE CHARGES.  Mcall.com.  “Two state lawmakers from Philadelphia and an ex-legislator have been charged with pocketing cash in an influence-peddling case taken up by the city’s top prosecutor after being dropped by the state attorney general.”

VA:  SUPPORT FOR MCDONNELL.  Politico.  “A group of 44 former state attorneys general has filed an amicus brief supporting former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell’s appeal of his conviction on federal corruption charges.”


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