Today’s political law links

SUPER PACS AND 16.  WP.  “It’s widely believed that super PACs must operate with complete independence from a candidate’s campaign. But the walls between them are quite porous. An official candidate’s campaign team cannot consult and coordinate how his or her super PAC spends its money. Nor can it share strategic information. Candidates can help to raise that money, with some restrictions.”

CRUZ ON CFR.  Star Tribune.  “Unlimited political cash would give rank-and-file conservative activists greater sway in picking their representatives, including the president, White House hopeful Ted Cruz told New Hampshire voters on Sunday.”

MT: CFR HEARING.  “On Tuesday, the House Business and Labor Committee considers SB289, by Sen. Duane Ankney, R-Colstrip, to revise campaign finance laws, including requiring that any individual or group involved in election communications report all contributions and all expenditures.”

NC:  MCCRORY ETHICS.    CO.  “The governor blames the repeated ethics corrections on misinterpretations of the forms.”

WV:  CFR LIKELY DEAD.  Green Field Reporter.  “House Speaker Tim Armstead says a campaign finance reform proposal is likely dead in the Legislature.”


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