5-20 political law links

BALZ ON MONEY RACE.  WP.  ”In their own ways, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Jeb Bush have brought unintentional attention to the role of money in politics and public life, to the intersection of money and political and public influence, and to the general absence of restraints, self-imposed or enforced.”

PAC PERKS.  USAT.  “Craig Gilbert of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel got a look Tuesday at what a super PAC supporting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s expected candidacy is offering donors.”

STATE STRATEGY.  NJ.  “Jeb Bush’s plan to delay actually entering the 2016 election and instead spend time fundraising and coordinating directly with a friendly super PAC has revolutionized presidential campaign finance. And now, a likely Republican Senate candidate—also from Florida—has adopted the Bush model for his own race.”

AR:  BALLOT MEASURE SUPPORT.  Ark. Online.  “A coalition of groups is rallying support for a measure vying for a spot on the Arkansas ballot next year that would require more disclosure from outside political groups participating in campaigns.”

NJ:  MISSING REPORTS.  NJ.  “Two of the three winning candidates in last year’s City Council election have failed to comply with state regulations regarding the filing of campaign finance reports, officials said.”

UK:  TAXES AND DONATIONS.  Reuters.  “Some of Britain’s biggest political donors, including a dozen senior lawmakers, have benefited from a little-noticed loophole that lets them avoid tax on millions of pounds in donations to political parties, a Reuters analysis has found.”


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