5-21 political law links

VISUALIZED:  POLITICAL DATA.  I’ll be spending most of today at “Visualized: Political Data,” a “conference focused entirely on exploring, analyzing, and visualizing political data, as well as discussing the potential impact of political data visualizations.”  The day features an impressive set of speakers.

SUPER PAC MOVES.  NYT.  “The shuffle is taking place as Guy Cecil, who managed Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 campaign after a shake-up in that race, is coming into Priorities as the co-chairman of the board and the chief executive officer.”

COMPLAINT AGAINST GROUP.  WT.  “Correct the Record, a super PAC providing a rapid-response team and opposition research for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential run, was hit Wednesday with a complaint to the Federal Election Commission that alleges the group’s activity violates campaign finance law.”

LEAKY ETHICS.  Politico.  “A credible investigation into the leak must be conducted and responsibly reported. While it would be tempting to treat the ensuing interviews of the OCE board and staff according to OCE’s own procedures, releasing transcripts and emails at an early stage, this investigation must be handled carefully and confidentially — without leaking.”

IN:  REFORM PROPOSALS.  Indystar.com.  “Indianapolis mayoral candidate Joe Hogsett on Wednesday proposed a series of ethics reforms that include new restrictions on lobbyists, a government transparency website and term limits.”

VT:  NEW COMPLAINT.  VTD.  “The new allegations build on Toensing’s earlier accusation that Sorrell illegally coordinated spending with a super-PAC funded by the Democratic Governor’s Association during his 2012 re-election campaign.”

EU:  TRANSPARENCY REGISTRY.  Allenovery.com.  “While parties that lobby in the United States are generally subject to mandatory lobbyist registration and reporting obligations at every level of government (federal, state and local), parties that lobby EU institutions (European Commission, Parliament and Council) traditionally have only been subject to a ‘voluntary’ registration and disclosure regime. But that gap now appears to be closing.”

HAVE A GOOD DAY.   I’ll send around the next set of links early next week.  Have a great weekend.

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