Here are Wed. political law links

REFORM SUPPORTER.  Observer.  “It is ironic the Democratic Party is relying on Hillary Clinton, who has one of the broadest network of wealthy and corporate political donors in American History, to reform the broken campaign finance system she wouldn’t have been able to beat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primaries without.”

PRO-WELD SUPER PAC.  BG.  “A super PAC spearheaded by a longtime ally of former governor William F. Weld’s plans to launch this week, aiming to bolster the Libertarian Party presidential ticket of former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and Weld.”

SUPER PAC AD:  TRUE.  PolitiFact.  “A super PAC backing Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton has launched a $20 million campaign that accuses her Republican opponent Donald Trump of ‘mocking’ a disabled news reporter.”  CTR launched a site at

SUPER PAC HAND BUSINESS.  Mediaite.  “A new political action committee is worried about Donald Trump‘s ability to be president because of his hand size.  Americans Against Insecure Billionaires with Tiny Hands PAC’s new commercial requests that Trump release his hand measurements and it asks the viewer to sign a petition asking Trump to disclose his hand measurements.”

PAKISTAN HIRES. R.  “Pakistan is looking to hire lobbying firms in Washington after a gap of nearly eight years, seeking to refurbish its image in the United States at a time of deteriorating relations between the allies, two government officials told Reuters on Tuesday.

AZ:  ETHICS POLICY URGED.  AZC.  “Four days after news broke that the FBI was seeking information from the Arizona Corporation Commission and has been questioning a former member, Commissioner Tom Forese on Tuesday suggested the five-member board of utility regulators create an ethics policy.”

NM:  RECORDS REQUIRED.  ABQJ.  “A District Court judge has ruled the Legislative Council Service must turn over most records of a state Senate ethics investigation of former Sen. Phil Griego, who is facing criminal corruption charges.”

NY:  BUELLER?   TU.  “The frustration from the good-government groups over the long wait for what they see as needed comprehensive ethics reform has reached a fever pitch as the session after both legislative leaders fell comes to a close.”

NY:  ALLEGED UNREGISTERED LOBBYIST.  TU.  “The New York Gaming Association, which advocates for the interests of the state’s nine [casinos], on Monday filed a complaint alleging that several entities pushing for the legalization of daily fantasy sports betting have improperly failed to register as lobbying entities.”


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