Groups face disclosure civil penalty and other political law links

FAILURE TO DISCLOSE FINES.  SF.  “The Federal Election Commission (FEC) announced today that it will fine three dark money groups a total of $233,000 for concealing the sources of funds spent on political ads in 2010.”

GROUPS FINED.  AZC.  “Three groups have agreed to pay $233,000 to settle a complaint they violated campaign-finance laws by hiding the receipt of funds from a Phoenix-based committee then backed by the conservative Koch brothers.”

THREE GROUPS FACE CIVIL PENALTY.  NYT.  “Millions of dollars worth of those contributions were provided by an Arizona-based organization that, at the time, was a central hub of financing in the Koch network of donors and political groups. The Koch network has since cut ties with the groups, replacing them with political organizations more closely controlled by its own operatives.”

GINGRICH COMMITTEE DEBT NOTED.  WP.  “The former House speaker’s 2012 campaign committee owes more than $4 million to about 100 vendors, including firms that provided charter flights, event planning, public relations and security services.”

LOBBYIST HIRED.  RC.  “Though Heritage often chastises the big-business lobbyists of K Street, the group has increased its own lobbying in recent months, posting a 143 percent increase in lobbying expenditures in this year’s first quarter.”

CA:  GROUP FACES FINE.  SF.  “An Oakland company is facing $114,400 in state and city fines for laundering campaign contributions to several former mayoral and City Council candidates, including Councilwomen Rebecca Kaplan and Desley Brooks, officials said Monday.”

MT:  HITTING COUNTY PARTIES.  MTS.  “The Madison County Republican Party violated campaign laws by, among other things, not reporting the expense of a newspaper ad it took out in May against a GOP legislator it opposed, a state official has ruled.”


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