Pence, super PACs, and the day’s political law links are here

SUPER PAC SUPPORT.  Politico.  “Donald Trump spent the primary bashing major donors and insisting he didn’t want super PAC help, but his campaign on Wednesday signaled that it has dropped its opposition to both and is now openly encouraging donors to give to a super PAC that has raised $5 million in recent days.”

SPEECH AND FEDERAL LAW.  WP.  “Notice the letterhead of the statement: The Trump Organization, which is to say Donald Trump’s personal business. And notice how McIver describes herself: As an employee of the Trump Organization, not the campaign.”

CAMPAIGN FINANCE SPAR.  NHPR.  “In their first primary debate Wednesday morning, Republican Congressional candidate Rich Ashooh and incumbent Frank Guinta sparred over Guinta’s campaign finance violations.”

LOBBYIST BUNDLING REPORTS.  HP.  “Lobbyists have so far raised $7 million for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, while Donald Trump’s campaign reports he has collected $0 from K Street fundraisers.”

MEDIA EXEMPTION AND THE FEC.  WT.  “Democrats on the Federal Election Commission, shifting 180 degrees from their repeated moves to punish conservative media criticism of liberals, including the president, voted in secret to OK a savage liberal radio attack on Sen. Ted Cruz, a featured speaker at tonight’s Republican National Convention here.”

FEC UPDATE.  FOX.  “Members of the Federal Election Commission are in Cleveland this week for the Republican National Convention, and on Tuesday, at least one could be seen using the taxpayer-funded trip to sniff some scented oxygen.”

SD:  $500 FINE.  SCJ.  “The Maine ethics commission levied a $500 fine Wednesday against state Rep. Diana Russell after finding the Portland Democrat should have reported an email list she used for fundraising as an in-kind contribution in her unsuccessful primary campaign for a state Senate seat.”

TX:  FIRM UPDATE.  MYSA.  “Thirty lawyers from Houston-based Beirne, Maynard & Parsons — including all five in its San Antonio office — are joining Miami’s Akerman LLP.”  I had the pleasure of working with a number of lawyers who moved to the new firm and I wish them all the best.


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