Car washes, clean campaigns, and the rest of the day’s political law links

THE SANDERS CHALLENGE.  RC.  “Up until now, Sanders has been a vocal champion of campaign finance reform. Time will tell whether such ‘reform’ includes a simplification of the laws, and whether the legal minefield Our Revolution faces will cause him to ‘feel the burn.’ In the meantime, politicians looking to operate 501(c)(4)s had better lawyer up.”

DINNER CEASE AND DESIST.  Politico.  “Donald Trump’s campaign sent a cease-and-desist letter on Monday to a super PAC unaffiliated with the campaign that has lured more than $1 million in donations by offering the Republican nominee’s supporters a chance at dinner with Trump, accusing the group of ‘defrauding’ its donors.”

CLEAN CAMPAIGN CHALLENGE IN VT.  VB.  “US Senate candidate Scott Milne sent the following letter to Senator Leahy today in response to Leahy’s rejection of his debate and clean campaign challenge.”

UNORTHODOX SPENDING.  WSJ.  “Mr. Trump’s spending patterns reflect his unorthodox, first-time candidacy, during which he’s bypassed an established network of professional consultants to rely instead on a smaller, more familiar support base.”

YOUNG AND ETHICS.  Politico.  “House Democrats on Monday seized on reports that Rep. Don Young failed for more than two decades to disclose ownership of California land leased to oil and gas companies — the latest ethics scandal to plague the Alaska Republican.”

AZ:  CAR WASHES AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE.  SIND.  “Mr. Crawford says he was alerted to the possible infraction of campaign finance rules through a Facebook Fan Page, coined, ‘Scottsdale Candidate Guy Phillips’ where a post alerting all who participated at Prestige Car Wash, 3006 N Scottsdale Road, could donate 10 percent of the cost a car wash toward Councilman Phillips’ campaign.”

CA:  SUNSHINE SQUABBLE.  SB.  “Because Assembly Bill 700 amends the state’s Political Reform Act, it requires two-thirds votes of both legislative houses, and the squabble over details could make that difficult, if not impossible.”

WI:  LATE REPORT.  PG.  “Mayor Jim Schmitt is more than six weeks late in filing his latest campaign finance report despite multiple reminders from the city clerk.”

USVI:  FRAUD AND EMBEZZLEMENT CHARGES.  DOJ.  “A former Virgin Islands senator was arrested on June 29, 2016, in Modena, Italy, and extradited today for allegedly defrauding the government of the Virgin Islands of tens of thousands of dollars while he served as a senator in the territorial legislature.”


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