Nationwide political law links for Wed., Sept. 7, 2016

SPACE VALUE ISSUE.  HP.  “The use of Mar-a-Lago alone was a donation of some value. Space at the resort is expensive to rent, and Trump has charged his own presidential campaign roughly $140,000 per event for use of the mansion.”

SUPER PAC QUESTIONS.  STL.  “On Monday, the same day Schlafly died at the age of 92, a so-called ‘super PAC’ was created in her name, Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle PAC.”

FL:  RULES TO COMMISSION.  MH.  “The proposal would ban county contractors and their lobbyists from supporting candidates for county office.”

MT:  IT’S MESSY.  Hill.  “Montana shows the danger of setting strongmen lose to prosecute political minutia. Deadlock in defense of free speech is no vice.”

OR: PUBLIC FINANCING MOVE.  PT.  “Six years after Portland voters repealed the city’s public campaign finance program by a narrow margin, Commissioner Amanda Fritz is preparing to ask the City Council to enact another one she is calling the Open and Accountable Elections.”

OR:  NO ACTION.  SJ.  “The Aug. 23 complaint alleged that Evans used his legislative email account to coordinate a political fundraiser and suggested to a lobbyist that they must attend the fundraiser to secure a policy meeting with him.”

VT:  COMPLAINT DISMISSED.  WT.  “Independent U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ request to his supporters to donate to a candidate for the state Legislature did not violate the state’s campaign finance laws, Democratic Attorney General William Sorrell concluded.”


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