Political law links for Monday, Sept. 19, 2016

KOCH CONSOLIDATION.  WP.  “Billionaire Charles Koch is consolidating the array of conservative advocacy groups financed by his donor network, merging all the organizations into the main political arm, Americans for Prosperity, officials announced Friday.”

501(C)’S AND POLITICS.  TheStreet.  “The non-disclosure can shield the true description of even a highly political organization. After the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling in 2010, outside groups such as super PACs and political non-profits legally started to raise unrestricted money for or against candidates on the condition that such advocacy is independent of candidates.”

AL:  WHAT CANDIDATES SHOULD KNOW.  AS.  “Whether through ignorance, laziness or nefarious intentions, our City Hall candidates too often find themselves on the wrong side of the state’s campaign-finance regulations.”

FL:  BALLOT UPDATE.  MT.  “Last week, a county judge said Miami-Dade’s highest governing body had dragged its feet and made up excuses to kill the bill. But the county appealed, and yesterday the appeals court voted 2-1 to effectively keep it off the ballot this November.”

IL:  HOSTING EVENT.  WSIL.  “The director of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform will speak about campaign finance at Southern Illinois University Monday night.”

IL:  LAWMAKER TO LOBBYIST.  Fox.  “Former State Senator Matt Murphy left his seat in the Senate to work as a lobbyist for the Mac Strategies Group.”

TX:  TEXANS AND TICKETS.  SA.  “New data from the Texas Ethics Commission shows lobbyists for Houston Texans owner Bob McNair provided free tickets and food valued up to $9,600 to host Harris County lawmakers, their family, staff and guests in his luxury box for a preseason game last month.”

WI:  DOE AND CFR.  USN.  “The documents published by the Guardian indicate that Walker’s campaign committee worked closely with a group called Wisconsin Club for Growth, which was operated by one of his campaign consultants.”

WI:  RULING APPEALED.  MR.  “Liberty Justice Center and its political action committee are joined in the appeal by State Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) and Edgar Bachrach. They argue that the state’s statutory limits on campaign funding violates First Amendment rights by limiting donations to the campaigns of candidates by individuals and political action committees while allowing corporations, political parties and legislative leaders to make much higher or unlimited donations.”


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