Tues., 9/20/16 political law links

ISRAEL GROUND GAME.  Politico.  “There’s one state where Donald Trump’s ground game appears to be a model of efficiency, rather than a ramshackle operation lacking organizers and field offices: Israel.”

POLITICAL COMMITTEE CASE OPINION.  Hill.  “A U.S. District Court judge ruled Monday that the country’s top election watchdog misinterpreted campaign finance law when it dismissed a progressive group’s complaints against two conservative organizations.”  The opinion is here.

DISMISSAL QUESTIONED.  B&C.  “A U.S. District Court judge has rejected a Federal Election Commission dismissal of a campaign ad-disclosure related complaint by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), signaling that the FEC will need to take a more expansive view of political ads requiring disclosure.”

CASE TO BE REVIEWED.  CNS.  ” A federal judge ruled Monday that the Federal Election Commission must revisit whether two center-right nonprofits’ anti-Obamacare ads meant to influence a Congressional election, which would require the groups to disclose their backers.”

SUPER PAC HITS.  WiscPol.  “The super PAC Reform America Fund is going up with a new $1.2 million ad buy in Wisconsin hitting Hillary Clinton on her classified emails, concussion and cough.”

SUIT AGAINST STATE FARM.  Crain’s.  “A federal judge in East St. Louis on Sept. 16 conferred class-action status on plaintiffs representing 4.7 million State Farm policyholders. The plaintiffs allege that State Farm schemed to contribute millions to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with the intention of having the money funneled to the re-election campaign of lllinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier in 2004.”

NBC I:  NBC REPORT ON FEC.  NBC.  “‘People know that they can stretch the law and pretty much violate the law and there will be no enforcement,’ FEC Commissioner Ann Ravel said in an interview with the I-Team.”  This is possibly the most ignorant and one-sided reporting I’ve seen on the FEC, and that’s saying a lot.

NBC II:  BAY AREA NBC COVERS FEC.  NBC.  “Ravel believes the FEC has done nothing on nearly every single important decision involving election laws since she joined the commission in 2013.”

MO:  APPEAL DENIED.  STL.  “A Missouri initiative to re-instate campaign contribution limits has cleared its final legal hurdle to appear on the November ballot.”

MO:  MEASURE ON BALLOT.  KCS.  “The measure would cap donations to candidates at $2,600 per election and to political parties at $25,000. It also would impose other campaign finance restrictions aimed at preventing political committees from obscuring the source of their money.”

MT:  CASE TO SUPREMES.  BG.  “A Bozeman lawmaker who was found to have taken illegal corporate contributions from an anti-union organization in 2010 says he will appeal his case to the Montana Supreme Court.”

TX:  TEC SEEKS FUNDS.  HC.  ” The Texas Ethics Commission says it cannot depend on Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office to defend the agency in future litigation, and, as a result, is asking budget writers for a huge pot of reserve cash if it has to hire outside lawyers to handle court fights.”


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