Political law links for Mon., Nov. 7th

GMA TO FIGHT.  SMN.  “The Grocery Manufacturers Association has vowed to correct the ‘injustice’ of being ordered to pay $18 million — the largest campaign finance penalty in U.S. history — for violating Washington state’s campaign finance laws during its opposition of a ballot initiative related to GMO disclosure.”

SVOBODA TWEETSTORM.  Don’t miss Brian Svoboda’s tweetstorm on the GMA case, starting with this tweet.

REPAYMENT MADE.  TW.  “Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) agreed Thursday to reimburse his campaign account $49,000 after spending on everything from oral surgery to a garage door to fast food, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports.”

ACCOUNTING ERROR.  TH.  “The amount of the donations totaled $250,000. Correct The Record, the super PAC in question, says it has returned the money.”

SUPER PAC FREE RIDE.  DP.  “The SEPTA strike, now entering its second week, appears more and more likely to continue into Election Day. One super PAC hopes to at least mitigate any potential effect on voter turnout.”  Late word is the strike is over, however.

CA:  LOBBYIST REGULATION IN SF.  KALW.  “Prop T would set restrictions on lobbyists making financial contributions to elected officials.”

NV:  UBER PLAYS.  LVS.  “On Sunday, Uber started a campaign to re-elect Republican Assemblyman Derek Armstrong, the first political endorsement the transportation company has made since its founding in 2009.”

NY:  FREE SPENDING.  NYT.  “In many cases, races are shaping up as proxy wars between independent expenditure groups, also known as super PACs, representing the interests of teachers’ unions and backers of charter schools, as well as skirmishes involving newcomers like Airbnb, the online rental service, and the Real Estate Board of New York, which represents the city’s major developers.”

WI:  ASKING ABOUT REFORM.  WXPR.  “Lake Tomahawk voters will see an advisory question on Tuesday’s ballot regarding campaign finance reform.”


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