Political law links for Mon., 11-14-16

COMMISSIONER ANN RAVEL NEWS AND VIEWS.  WE.  “She argued that money in politics presented a different problem insofar as political action committees were too ‘white and male.'”

NEW ALLY.  WP.  “One of the biggest super PACs that backed Donald Trump’s election is refashioning itself to serve as his main outside ally, planning to put pressure on Democrats and Republicans alike who try to stymie the new president’s agenda.”

ETHICS AND THE ADMINISTRATION.  NYT.  “Under federal laws, executive branch employees must comply with conflict-of-interest rules that guard against being influenced by personal investments, and they must curb payments from sources outside the government.”

TEACHOUT LOSS.  NY.  “[Her opponent] subsequently criticized Professor Teachout—his preferred epithet—for not understanding the First Amendment. ‘I think James Madison’s handiwork was better than Zephyr Teachout’s,’ he told me.”

FL:  VIEW ON CAMPAIGN FUNDS.  TBT.  “St. Petersburg’s proposed ordinance would require corporations that spend more than $5,000 in city elections to certify that they are not wholly or partly owned by foreign shareholders above certain thresholds.”

FL:  NEW RULES EYES.  HT.  “The Florida House of Representatives is poised to enact the most significant lobbying reforms in more than a decade when lawmakers return to Tallahassee for an organization session on Nov. 22.”

MO:  QUITTING EARLY.  STL.  “The new law imposes a six month waiting period before lawmakers can legally begin to lobby in order to end the perception that a legislator might be casting votes to win the favor of a future employer.”

TN:  OBSCURE CONTRIBUTIONS.  TN.  “n total, there are eight variations of Andy Miller’s name on Tennessee campaign finance reports: A.W. Miller Jr., A.W. Miller, Andy Miller Jr., Andrew Miller Jr., Andy W. Miller Jr., Andrew W. Miller Jr., Andrew Miller and Andrew W. Miller.”


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