Ethics, wild wings, and more political law links

NEW ETHICS TEAM.  WP.  “President Trump announced the addition of a team of ethics lawyers to the White House Counsel’s Office Wednesday, hours after his family business announced that it was hiring a longtime Republican lawyer to ensure the Trump Organization minimizes conflicts of interest.”

ETHICS WAR AHEAD.  NPR.  “Nobody in Washington ever went wrong by hiring more lawyers, and now President Trump and the Trump Organization are beefing up their legal teams against an expected surge of conflict-of-interest allegations.”

GOOGLE SHIFT.  Bloomberg.  “The Podesta Group — whose chairman, Tony Podesta, is a major Democratic fundraiser and the brother of Clinton’s former campaign manager — is no longer lobbying on behalf of Google, public disclosures show. The change coincided with Google’s bid to hire someone for ‘conservative outreach,’ according to a December job advertisement.”

MD:  BAIL INDUSTRY GIVES.  WP.  “Campaign contributions from the bail industry to Maryland lawmakers have increased in recent years, as officials have debated reforms to the process that determines whether people are held in jail or released after an arrest, according to a report released Wednesday by Common Cause Maryland.”

SD:  REPEAL SOUGHT.  NYT.  “Lawmakers demanding repeal say the ethics regulations are irretrievably flawed and include provisions that may be unconstitutional.”

TN:  SPENDING SPOTLIGHT.  NS.  “On Sept. 12, the night before he was expelled from the state House of Representatives, Jeremy Durham did what anyone facing political annihilation would do: He watched Monday Night Football at Buffalo Wild Wings. And he paid for it with campaign funds.

VA:  BILL FILED.  “Senate Bill 1593 would prohibit members of the General Assembly or statewide office from accepting campaign money from public service corporations.”

INDIA:  MODI OVERHAUL.  NYT.  ” Pressure mounted on Wednesday on Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India to push for a campaign finance overhaul, with a New Delhi nonprofit reporting this week that almost 70 percent of contributions to the nation’s political parties come from undisclosed sources.”


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