Good morning! Here are today’s “Political Law Links”

DEBATES:  WHAT’S NEXT?   IVN.  “n a blistering 28-­‐page decision, Judge Tanya Chutkan told the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that in its rejection of a complaint by Level the Playing Field, a non-­‐profit group trying to open up debates to a third candidate, it had acted in a manner that was ‘arbitrary, capricious, and contrary to law.'”

CA:  CONTRACTOR REGULATION.  SGVT.  “In an attempt to limit the influence of special interests in local elections, the City Council has adopted an ordinance prohibiting city contractors from making campaign contributions to council members, the city clerk and the city treasurer.”

CA:  FACING FINE.  SB.  “California’s political ethics watchdog and a Republican campaign committee controlled by party legislative leaders have agreed to a $30,000 fine to settle allegations of illegal campaign-finance disclosures by GOP candidates during the 2012 and 2014 election cycles.”

KS:  FINES FOR LATE REPORTS.  CJO.  “The House Elections Committee considered a bill Monday that would slap a $500-a-day fine on campaign finance reports that are more than 48 hours late.”

PA:  CAP WEIGHED.  MC. “The Whitehall Township Board Commissioners plans to vote next week on legislation that would cap campaign contributions from individuals and political action committees to candidates for elected office.”

TN:  LOBBYIST DISCLOSURE SOUGHT.  CA.  “The primary example is that there are no ways to find out exactly how much money companies spend on lobbyists and their activities. Tennessee law permits businesses and organizations to report their spending on lobbyists and related activities within a range of figures, not a specific amount.”

TX:  BOPP IN TEXAS.  ABC.  “With his win in the Citizens United case and lawsuits lodged nationwide, Bopp has become ‘the most prolific anti-campaign finance litigator in U.S. history,’ and the Texas lawsuit could be a proxy for a future challenge at the U.S. Supreme Court…”

TX:  ETHICS FAST TRACK.   ST.  “Passage of the Ethics Reform and Anti-Corruption Act of 2017 would be the most comprehensive ethics overhaul since 1991. The measure includes features to curb conflicts-of-interests, broaden disclosure of lobbying activities and make elected officials more accountable to the public.”

FRA:  SARKOZY TRIAL.  TG.  “The former French president Nicolas Sarkozy is to face trial for alleged fraudulent financing of his failed 2012 bid for re-election, a legal source has said.”


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