Ethics moves in the states and other political law links

GORSUCH ON CAMPAIGN FINANCE.  Obs. “If U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is confirmed, rulings involving campaign finance law can be expected to follow the same course as when the late Justice Antonin Scalia served on the Court.”

EAC SUNSET VOTE.  USAT.  “While President Trump is promising to launch an investigation into his belief that millions of illegal ballots were cast in 2016, the Republican-led House Administration Committee voted Tuesday to shut down the federal agency set up to help states improve their election systems.”

ROBO COP ACT.  NLJ.  “As revised, the TSR would prohibit calls to telephone numbers listed on the Do-Not-Call registry using prerecorded messages: (i) ‘the purpose of which is to promote, advertise, campaign, or solicit donations, for or against any political candidate or regarding any political issue;’ or (ii) that ‘use in the recorded message any political candidate’s name.'”

ROBOCALL SUIT.  Politico.  “The lawsuit surrounds two Chicago-area people who sued the Trump campaign last year over texting, claiming the campaign used auto-dialing equipment to blast out bulk messages in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.”

AZ:  ETHICS COMMISSION FOR PHOENIX?  AZ.  “Phoenix’s rules regarding ethics for the mayor and City Council are unenforceable, a fact that has troubled legal experts — and some city leaders — for the better part of four years.”

NJ:  PAY TO PLAY ALLEGATIONS.  NJ.  “Keyport officials notified Wisniewski earlier this month that a $1,000 donation his firm, Wisniewski & Associates LLC, made to the Monmouth County Democratic Party in 2014 ran afoul of a law that bars borough contractors from making political donations.”

OR:  PAC HIT.  SJ.  “A political action committee backed by the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce has been fined thousands of dollars by the state for breaking campaign finance rules, though the committee has since paid those penalties off.”

TN: FLOUTING ALLEGED.   TN.  “The state investigation into ex-lawmaker Jeremy Durham found the expelled state representative routinely flouted campaign finance laws, including using donor money to make dozens of illegal expenditures and loaning more than $100,000 of campaign funds to his wife, a wealthy GOP donor and a professional gambler who has a criminal record.”

TX:  ETHICS BREEZE.  DN.  “A sweeping ethics measure that would expose lobbyists’ wining and dining, increase financial disclosures and punish corrupt lawmakers sailed through the Senate on Tuesday and heads next to the House.”


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