Political Law Links, 5-10-17

TRUMP FREE SPEECH EO IMPACT.   Venable.  “The Executive Order calls for IRS restraint in enforcing the Johnson Amendment against houses of worship, religious organizations, or other individuals or groups that speak out on ‘moral or political issues from a religious perspective.'”

CONTRIBUTION QUESTIONS.   CC.  “Former Amaya Inc. CEO David Baazov has some more explaining to do. Already facing what is considered the biggest insider trading scandal in Canadian history, the businessman now could have to answer questions about an alleged illegal foreign contribution to an American political campaign.”

PARTY OVER FOR PARTIES.   Smith.  “It makes no sense to send state and local parties to the back of the bus when it comes to political campaigns. The court can strike a blow for fairness and good government by ruling for the Louisiana Republicans.”

LAMM:  SCOTCH THE FEC.   DP.  “By cosponsoring HR 2034, Reps. Buck and Polis joined 10 other Representatives in the U.S. House — five Republicans and five Democrats — in putting the American people and campaign accountability above party loyalty.”

IL:  NOT TOO TOUGH.   CST.  “Chicago’s reinvigorated Board of Ethics has been flexing its muscle plenty against lobbyists who emailed Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the mayor’s private accounts and failed either to register or report their lobbying activities.”

PA:  CALL FOR ETHICS.  MC.  “Siegel’s proposal, which he announced outside Allentown City Hall with a small group of supporters, calls for stricter limits on how much can be donated to a candidate for city office from individuals or political action committees. Siegel pledged to tackle the issue in his first 100 days in office.”

PA:  USE OF FUNDS ISSUE.   PL.  “Now [Williams] also is charged with using campaign funds to support a lifestyle that included expensive dinners, facials and massages and health club costs.”

TN:  RANDOM AUDIT BILL MOVES.   TN.  “A bill to increase the number of random campaign finance audits received unanimous support in the Senate on Tuesday, sending the measure to the governor.”

WA:   SUIT AGAINST PROSECUTOR.  KOMO.  “The lawsuit alleges Moberg and Greene intentionally concealed the fact they were behind a political mailer attacking candidate Garth Dano in the 2014 prosecutor election in Grant County.”

WA:  UNKNOWN FUTURE FOR CASH.   Q13.  “Ed Murray’s personal lawyers want the city to approve a legal defense fund for people to donate to pay off the mayor’s legal bills stemming from accusations of child rape and prostitution.”


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