New (c)(4) and more political law links

NEW (C)(4).   NYT.  “Onward Together is registered as a 501(c)(4) group, the Internal Revenue Service designation for so-called social welfare nonprofits, which are often cited for a rise in dark money in politics because of their ability to protect donor anonymity.”

GS HIRE.   Hill.  “Global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs has hired a top official from President Trump’s winning 2016 campaign as a lobbyist for the Trump administration, according to a Politico report.”

LOBBYING AND RACE.   DC.  “The lobbying activities of the wife of an expected West Virginia Republican Senate candidate could harm his chances in the primary.”

CA:  LOCAL PARTY FINE.   SDT.  “The San Diego County Democratic Party has agreed to pay fines totaling $6,000 for failing to report late contributions made to separate campaigns in 2012 and 2013, according to the California Fair Political Practices Commission.”

CA: COMMISSION CASE.  SB.  “The California Democratic Party will pay $3,500 in fines for reporting violations, but was largely cleared of headline-grabbing allegations that it illegally funneled large donations from oil companies to Gov. Jerry Brown’s re-election campaign.”

CA:  MEASURE COMMITTEE PAYS.   LAT.   “Gov. Jerry Brown’s committee for the 2012 tax measure Proposition 30 has agreed to pay $1,500 in fines to the state’s campaign watchdog commission for not properly reporting all contributions.”

IL:  FINE ISSUED.   IP.  “The Illinois State Board of Elections, or ISBE, voted 6-2 on May 15 to fine Illinois Auditor General Frank Mautino’s defunct campaign committee $5,000 for ‘willfully failing to comply with a board order’ related to campaign finance disclosure requirements.”

TN:  LIMITS TO BE REVISITED.   KNS.  “In the last minutes of the 2017 legislative session, a group of Republican legislators proposed a major increase in the amount of political campaign contributions lawmakers can collect – then backed off after many GOP colleagues sided with Democrats opposing the notion in a trial vote.”

TX:  AUSTIN REFORM.  AM.  “City Council Member Leslie Pool will be bringing forward an amendment to the city’s campaign finance law in June. Pool’s proposal is an attempt to remedy the city’s First Amendment problem with part of the old law, which federal Judge Lee Yeakel ruled was unconstitutional last July.”


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