Most expensive House race and other political law links

POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS AND FUNDS OF FUNDS.   Forbes.  “In connection with forensic investigations of public pensions I have undertaken in the past, underlying managers to FOFs or multi-manager funds have confided to me that they have been instructed to make contributions to certain politicians to assist in the marketing of the FOF.”

MOST EXPENSIVE HOUSE RACE.   AJC.  “How exactly does a political candidate spend $16 million in two months?”

IL:  LOBBYING VIOLATIONS ALLEGED.   CT.  “Two individuals who contacted Mayor Rahm Emanuel through his personal email broke the city’s lobbying laws, the Chicago Board of Ethics determined Tuesday.”

NM:  NEW PROPOSAL.   SFNM.  “Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver on Tuesday released a proposed rule that clarifies campaign finance reporting requirements and calls for disclosure of large contributions to ‘independent expenditure’ groups that aren’t formally connected to candidates or campaigns but buy political advertising.”

MS:  REFORM PRAISED.   DJ.  “[Rep.] Zuber said this slog began more than a decade ago when he began to file bills seeking to tighten up Mississippi’s lax regulation of campaign cash. Those efforts finally saw fruition this most recent legislative session with the enactment of a bill that bars politicians from using campaign funds for personal use.”

TN:  PAY HALF OK.  TN.  “The Tennessee attorney general’s office is set to agree to let a former political candidate from Williamson County who owes $40,000 to the state pay just half his fine.”

CAN:  PERSPECTIVE ON FOREIGN FUNDS.  WP.  “Regulating political activity has traditionally been a left-wing obsession in Canada — indeed, former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper, in his previous career, once went all the way to the Supreme Court arguing ‘third party’ regulations passed by the Liberal Party were unconstitutional.”


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