Good morn., Today’s Political Law Links

USE OF FUNDS.   CNN.  “The Federal Election Commission prohibits individuals from using campaign funds for personal use, but legal services sparked by an officeholder’s official work could be deemed appropriate, according to FEC regulations.”

CT:  TRAVEL COSTS EXAMINED.   Cour.  “It’s an intriguing little PAC, pretty much unknown outside the little world of Connecticut political insiders.”

GA:  GROUP FINED.   AJC.  “A group that fought the effort to create a city of LaVista Hills in DeKalb County is being fined $125 by the state agency that oversees campaign finance laws.”

GA:  FINE FOR CONTRIBUTIONS.  TFP.  “Former Walker County, Ga., Commissioner Bebe Heiskell agreed to pay a fine this month for taking excess campaign contributions.”

MA:  ETHICS REVIEW.   WCVB.  “A half-year-long effort to improve ethics in Massachusetts state and local government has ended with lackluster results amounting to little more than a report with some recommendations including ‘continued study’ by legislative committees.”

NY:  LOANS NOTED.   ND.  “Democratic Nassau County executive candidate George Maragos has loaned his past three campaigns a combined $3.1 million — a tactic that candidates use often to boost the legitimacy of their campaigns to attract outside donors.”

TX:  FINE ON ACCOUNTING.   TT.  “Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has been sanctioned for sloppily reporting campaign finances during his 2014 run for office.”

WI:  PUSH FOR REFORM.  WIG.  “Democratic state senators have joined with clean-government advocates in rolling out a package of eight bills to strengthen Wisconsin campaign finance laws.”


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