House security and today’s other political law links

NEW SECURITY MEASURES.  Hill.  “The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has issued case-by-case rulings for members to use campaign funds for security purposes. The idea under discussion would be for the FEC to issue a blanket ruling allowing any member to do so.”

HARVEY FURGATCH, 90.  SDUT.  “A security officer… came up to inquire what this raffish character was carrying in his bag. Books, Furgatch said. The officer informed one of the richest businessmen in San Diego that he couldn’t sell books on the steps of the Supreme Court. A few years later, FEC v. Furgatch would work its way to the Supreme Court.”

KENNEDY AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE.   SB.  “Overall, Kennedy has voted with the conservatives more than with the liberal justices. He wrote the court’s opinion in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which held that corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money in election campaigns.”

SUPER PAC TARGET.   LVRJ.  “Nevada’s Republican Sen. Dean Heller placed himself in the wobbly space between two tectonic plates set to collide when he announced Friday that he would not support President Donald Trump’s American Health Care plan ‘in this form.'”

OSSOFF AND REFORM.   TB.  “Jon Ossoff, the failed Democratic hopeful for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District seat who outspent his Republican opponent by $19 million, declared this week that America is in need of campaign finance reform.”

MI:  MONEY WARNING.   FREEP.  “Chris Thomas, the dean of the nation’s election directors who is retiring after 36 years on the job in Michigan, says the growing influence of undisclosed ‘dark money’ on elections is contributing to public cynicism and will ‘swallow the whole thing’ if not controlled.”

MO:  ETHICS COMPLAINT.   KCS.  “A complaint filed this week with the Missouri Ethics Commission alleges an adviser to a prominent Republican donor at the center of pay-to-play allegations violated state law by never registering as a lobbyist.”

WA:  DOCUMENT DEMANDS.   WAG.  “The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) filed a petition today in King County Superior Court seeking enforcement of a civil order issued in the state’s campaign finance investigation of King County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Bailey Stober.”


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