June 28, 2017 political law links

FARA RETROACTIVE.   WP.  “A consulting firm led by Paul Manafort, who chaired Donald Trump’s presidential campaign for several months last year, retroactively filed forms Tuesday showing that his firm received $17.1 million over two years from a political party that dominated Ukraine before its leader fled to Russia in 2014.”

GROUP INCORPORATION NOTED.   WFB.  “A lawyer brought in to do crisis control for Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D., Wis.) incorporated a dark money nonprofit group that is now defending the senator’s record over the Tomah VA scandal in the state, records show.”

RETWEET COMPLAINT.   NPR.  “Haley retweeted Trump’s endorsement of the candidate.”

GOVERNING AND CAMPAIGNING.   CNBC.  “Trump’s predecessors also took heat for commingling presidential and political duties when they began running for re-election.”

UPHILL CLIMB ON SUPER PACS.  NLR. “Press reports indicate that the FEC dismissed the Dream Team complaint based on SpeechNow.”

PA:  NO OUTSIDER DONATIONS.    BCC.  “Freedom to donate to political campaigns should be linked with the freedom to vote for the candidate of one’s choice. People who are eligible to vote in a given race should be eligible to donate to candidates in that race.”

TX:  NO FAULT.   MS.  “Former Austin City Council Member Don Zimmerman is off the hook for a 2015 complaint over a $2,000 payment his campaign made to his wife.”

UK:  LEAVE VOTE FUNDING.   GUA.  “Could the reason that this money was passed through Northern Ireland be that, uniquely in the United Kingdom, political funders there are allowed to remain anonymous?”


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