Political Law Links 6.29.17

PRE-LIMIT FUNDRAISER.   USN.  “The first cut of the money raised goes to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. The rest gets spread among the RNC and other various Republican entities. Having multiple beneficiaries is what allowed Trump to ask for well above the usual $5,400 per-donor maximum for each election cycle.”

GA:  IMPROVED DISCLOSURE.   WGN.  “Rutherford County election officials continue to be on the forefront of advancing new ideas and streamlining the election process.”

IL:  BROAD DEFINITION.   CT.  “The definition of a lobbyist established by Chicago’s reinvigorated Board of Ethics is the ‘broadest in the country’ and would include ‘Mom and Pop grocery stores’ inquiring about street repairs, Inspector General Joe Ferguson said Tuesday.”

IL:  ETHICS REWRITE.    CT.  “Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday suggested the city’s definition of a lobbyist should be redefined, a move that comes after individuals who contacted the mayor through his personal email account were found in violation of the city’s lobbying law.”

NM:  PARTISANSHIP CHARGE.   SFNM.  “In a letter to Toulouse Oliver, House GOP Whip Rod Montoya suggested her office’s recent review of campaign fundraising and spending targeted a disproportionate number of Republicans.”

NY:  MATCHING FUND PARTICIPATION.   GG.  “As the September 12 primary elections approach and campaigns kick into high gear, a vast majority of candidates for the city’s elected offices will have their coffers bolstered by the Campaign Finance Board’s (CFB) public matching funds program, which matches eligible donations at a 6-to-1 ratio.”

PA:  SOCIAL CLUB SPENDING.   ABC.  “A campaign finance manager for Philadelphia’s top prosecutor has testified the prosecutor spent campaign funds on ritzy social clubs, facials, massages and a $2,600 birthday party for his girlfriend.”

RI:  MANDATORY AUDITS SOUGHT.   PJ.  “One of the common threads for many of these politicians who have been accused or convicted of running afoul of the law is campaign finance violations.”

HAVE A GOOD DAY.   Political law links will take a break until after July 4th.  See you then!

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