8.2 political law links

LEFT SHIFT ON MONEY AND SPEECH.   IJR.   “The Left’s solution is to regulate, regulate, regulate. By restricting what Trump Jr.—or any American—is allowed to hear and say, the Left strikes at the right of every American. It is a fundamental right of every American to speak with anyone they want about anything they want—including useless gossip about presidential politics.”

DONATION ALLEGED.  HILL.  “Ohio Rep. Jim Renacci’s federal campaign committee made an illegal contribution of $12,707 to his 2018 campaign for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, according to The Columbus Dispatch.”

ETHICS PANEL CLEARS.   WT.  “The House Ethics Committee said Tuesday it is dropping separate investigations against Democratic Rep. Ben Ray Lujan of New Mexico and Republican Rep. Roger Williams of Texas.”

ETHICS DISMISSAL.   HILL.  “The House Ethics Committee said Tuesday that it has dismissed allegations that Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), the leader of Democrats’ campaign arm, violated ethics rules over last year’s House floor sit-in to protest gun violence.”

CA:  LIMITS LIFTED.   SFG.  “California’s political watchdog on Thursday moving toward rescinding contribution limits for recall campaigns as a Democratic senator faces removal from office.”

MN:  FACING A FINE.  ST.  “A longtime St. Paul state representative and candidate for state attorney general is facing $20,000 in fines over allegations that he misspent campaign funds and that he did not complete proper reports on his campaign’s finances.”

NJ:  NEW BOSS.   OBS.  “The state’s Election Law Enforcement Commission is down one member again after its chairman resigned last month, leaving three of its four seats filled.”

OH:  REPORT QUESTIONS.   CLE.  “The backers of Issue 2, a ballot measure that aims to lower the state’s cost of prescription drug purchases, have criticized the campaign finance report from the opposition for its lack of details.”

OK:  MOVING FORWARD.   KFOR.   “Along with Hofmeister, prosecutors charged Stephanie Dawn Milligan, Steven Crawford, Lela Odom and Fount Holland each with two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony. The charges against Hofmeister and the others were dismissed ‘pending further investigation’ Tuesday.”

PA:  NOT GUILTY PLEA.   ABC.  “A former Pennsylvania mayor who prosecutors say sold off the powers of his office to the highest bidder in pay-to-play schemes pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges Tuesday.”

TX:  CLOCK RUNS OUT.   MS.  “Unwilling to quit a job she’s held for more than 20 years, state Rep. Dawnna Dukes signaled she will take her criminal corruption case to trial this fall as she declined a take-it-or-leave-it offer Tuesday to step down from office.”

UT:  CONTRIBUTION REVIEW.   DN.  “A Utah Transit Authority trustee is calling for a review of a $10,000 contribution made to the mayoral campaign of the board’s vice chairwoman by a company tied to a contractor on the Provo-Orem Bus Rapid Transit project.”


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