Political Law Links, 8-24-17

FARA:  LESSONS LEARNED.   FBI.  “Foreign nations may employ Americans or third-country nationals to pursue their national aims, just as they might use hackers, students, businesspeople, and other non-traditional actors, and, in some cases, these aims run contrary to U.S. national security or other U.S. interests. Due to the gravity of today’s threat from state actors, all counterintelligence tools are critical, including FARA.”

CARSON APPEARANCE.  AOL.  “As Carson was set to take the stage at the rally, an announcer introduced him with, ‘the secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson.'”

FL:  PUBLIC FINANCING REPEAL SOUGHT.   PBP.  “House Speaker Richard Corcoran announced Wednesday that he wants to repeal part of the Florida Constitution that provides public financing for statewide election candidates.”

MT:  VERDICT UPHELD.   KPAX.  “The Montana Supreme Court Wednesday rejected an appeal from former state lawmaker Art Wittich in a landmark campaign-finance case, upholding a verdict that he accepted illegal campaign contributions in a 2010 state Senate race.”  The opinion is here.

MT:  FINE UPHELD.   MIS.  “The Montana Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a judgment against a former state lawmaker from Bozeman who was fined $68,000 for having been found to have accepted and failed to report illegal corporate contributions.”

TX:  LAW REJECTED.   POL. “A federal judge has ruled that changes Texas made to its voter identification law earlier this year did not go far enough to render the state’s policy constitutional.”


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