9.25 political law links

DISCLAIMER POTENTIAL.  WIRED.  “The FECA disclaimers could easily live inside the upper right-hand-side dropdown menu that currently carries some ads targeting information (check it yourself), and would seamlessly integrate with the current product. Reporting of malicious political content could act in a similar manner to the recently added buttons that allow the reporting of fake news.”

BILL PROPOSED.   WP.  “Sens. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) and Mark R. Warner (Va.) urged colleagues Thursday to support a bill that would create new transparency requirements for platforms that run political ads online akin to those already in place for TV stations, according to a letter obtained by The Washington Post.”  The letter is here.

AZ:  SUPER PAC OFFICE.   AZC.  “A super-PAC friendly to House Speaker Paul Ryan has opened a field office in Tucson in an effort to boost U.S. Rep. Martha McSally’s prospects in her often-competitive district.”

AZ:  116 LOBBYISTS IN THE NEWS.   AZC.  “The Arizona Secretary of State’s Office has referred 116 lobbyists to the Attorney General’s Office after they failed to file paperwork detailing which public officials they were spending money on and why.”

CA:  CAMPAIGN FINANCE FINE PRINT.   LAT.  “AB 249 would add several new layers, and some exclusions, to what’s considered a reportable ‘earmarked’ contribution.”

NM:  LOOKING AT PAY TO PLAY.   NMPR.  “A report examining possible ‘pay-to-play’ over state pension investments is drawing sharp reactions and a call for an investigation into whether donations by investment firms broke state laws.”


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