10.12 political law links

WELCOME VACATUR.  CF.  “This ‘welcome restraint’ doctrine conflicts with settled Supreme Court decisions protecting free speech on the campaign trail…”

CONTRIBUTION STATUS.  KTLA.  “Hillary Clinton said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday that she will donate the money Harvey Weinstein contributed to her political campaigns after multiple sexual assault allegations were leveled against the powerful Hollywood mogul.”

TRAVEL ISSUES.  CNN.  “Secretary Ryan Zinke has mixed official business with political activities and visits home, raising questions about the appropriateness of the trips and whether any ethics rules have been violated.”

FIRM TARGETED.  SLA.  “The news of Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in the Russia probe comes as Facebook, Twitter, and Google are also being swept into the larger investigation of how exactly Russia worked to manipulate voters in the run-up Trump’s election victory.”

CA:  DISCLOSE ACT LAW.  IPL.  “On Saturday, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California DISCLOSE Act, AB249, into law.”

CA:  FINANCE QUESTIONS.  SG.   “Republican Nicholas Weinstein filed a complaint with the state Board of Elections claiming that several of Boland’s campaign contributions exceeded a $1,000 limit set by state law.”

GA:  COMMISSION ACTIVE.  JDS.  “In recent weeks, the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission (Commission) has undertaken a pair of important actions that indicate the agency’s desire to play a more expansive regulatory role on campaign finance and ethics matters heading into the 2018 election cycle.”

MO:  AGAINST DUAL ROLES.  STL.  “A sitting alderman shouldn’t work as a lobbyist for a firm doing business with the city.”

NJ:  PAY TO PLAY DELAY.  MCC.  “Neisser is the latest of 11 people who have pleaded guilty in cases stemming from the FBI’s years-long investigation of pay-to-play politics in Allentown and Reading to have his sentencing delayed.”


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