10.23 political law links

HONEST ADS ACT TEXT.  BILL.   “A bill to enhance transparency and accountability for online political advertisements by requiring those who purchase and publish such ads to disclose information about the advertisements to the public, and for other purposes.” (As of this morning, the text of the bill isn’t at that link.  Another site (scroll down) has an uploaded PDF of the bill.)

NEW BILL ANALYSIS.  WIRED.  “The point is: organic posts can do just as much damage as ads, and the Honest Ads Act does very little address that fact. Not that it could. These open platforms now pervade our lives, and there’s likely no amount of legislation that could stop a malicious actor from exploiting them.”

IAB WEIGHS IN.  MP.  “The Interactive Advertising Bureau will testify this week that it supports efforts to strengthen disclosure requirements for online ads that expressly advocate for particular candidates.”

TAKE ON BILL.  NL.  “Surprise: Tech companies and political advertisers aren’t super excited.”

FINANCE SETUP.  POL.  “His work for multiple campaigns raises questions whether Pence’s gubernatorial reelection campaign was subsidizing, in part or in full, Ayers’ work for Trump — though the arrangement may have been perfectly legal, experts told POLITICO.”

SUPER PLAN.  HILL.  “A super PAC that supports President Trump plans to go over its fundraising strategy in Texas this week as it prepares to step up its efforts before the 2018 and 2020 elections, Politico reported Sunday.”

CONTRACTORS AND PAY TO PLAY.  NLR.  “The FEC had not previously addressed whether applying the federal contractor ban to super PAC contributions is consistent with the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions on the regulation of independent expenditures.”

CA:  MILLIONS IN ACCOUNTS.  LAT.  “When California Senate leader Kevin de León launched a run for the U.S. Senate last week, he had $3.8 million in campaign cash and a big problem: The money was raised for state contests and can’t just be rolled into his effort to replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2018.”

ID:  TRYING TO IMPROVE.  IS.  “A bipartisan working group of Idaho lawmakers on Wednesday unanimously rejected a proposal to eliminate all of Idaho’s limits on campaign contributions, and instead endorsed changes in the state’s Sunshine Law to require more frequent and more detailed disclosures, including adding new reporting in local races and requiring information about who’s behind shadowy outside groups that run independent expenditure campaigns in the state.”

MD:  FUND BROKE.  MM.   “Maryland’s Fair Campaign Finance Fund (FCFF) has lived a long and tumultuous life since its creation in the 1970s, and members of the legislature, along with Gov. Larry Hogan (R), are looking to restore the fund to its former glory.”

MT: VIOLATION FOUND.  MIS.  “Montana’s Commissioner of Political Practices has found that there is ‘sufficient evidence’ to show that Missoula mayoral candidate Lisa Triepke violated the state’s campaign practice laws for not disclosing certain expenditures and services from consultants, and that a fine is justified.”

PA:  RULING ON CANDIDATES.  TL.    “Pittsburgh’s Ethics Hearing Board has ruled that two primary election candidates for a City Council seat violated an ordinance requiring them to file campaign finance reports.”


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