Political law links for 11-15-17

KOCHS AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE.   NBC.  “Billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch are well-known for pumping tens of millions of dollars into so-called dark money nonprofits — groups that actively promote or criticize candidates for office but are not required to reveal their donors.”

NO VERDICT.  NYT.  “A day after saying they were deadlocked, jurors in the federal corruption trial of Senator Robert Menendez spent a full day on Tuesday deliberating, and finished without a verdict.”

TRANSFER QUESTIONS.  NW.  “The Kremlin’s foreign ministry sent more than 60 wire transfers worldwide last year, totaling over $380,000, with a memo saying the cash was meant ‘to finance election campaign of 2016,’ a report revealed Tuesday.”

BAN SOLICITATIONS ADVOCATED.   LAW.  “Only if there is a complete firewall between candidates and donors can the public be certain that campaign dollar signs are not dancing in the elected official’s head.”

FEC MEETING.   The agenda for tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission is here.

NC:  STUDIO EXPENSE QUESTIONED.   NANDO.  “TV equipment a political donor helped purchase to fill a studio for Lt. Gov. Dan Forest should be investigated as an illegal campaign contribution, according to a government watchdog group.”

VA:  ROEM AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE.   WP.  “Roem’s victory shows just how fast things can change in politics. But it also makes a broader point about political campaign rules: Strict regulations of campaign contributions do not necessarily make political systems more equal or more diverse.”

HAVE A GOOD DAY.  Due to The Federalist Society’s 2017 National Lawyers Convention, this is the last set of links for this week.

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