11.28 political law links

LAW EXPLOITATION. HILL. “Washington’s foreign agents are able to operate in a legal gray zone thanks to ambiguities in the law and less-than-stringent enforcement.”

APPLAUSE FOR RULES. BBR. “Congressman Derek Kilmer is praising the commissioners of the Federal Election Commission for their unanimous vote to start a process that could lead to changing the disclosure rules that regulate online political advertising.”

CA: NO VIOLATION. DI. “The California Fair Political Practices Commission has decided not to pursue any action against Mayor Peggy Breeden, citing insufficient evidence to support a finding of a violation of the political reform act in her vote to withdraw the city from the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program.”

ID: WORKING GROUP CONVENES. SR. “A bipartisan working group of Idaho lawmakers has convened at the state Capitol this morning to continue working on proposed changes in the state’s Sunshine Law to require more frequent and more detailed campaign finance disclosures, including adding new reporting in local races and requiring information about who’s behind shadowy outside groups that run independent expenditure campaigns in the state.”

ID: FEE SAME. SR. “Idaho’s $10 fee to register as a lobbyist came in for scrutiny by lawmakers today, after Senate Minority Leader Michelle Stennett, D-Ketchum, asked how long it had been since the fee had been raised.”

OR: COMPLAINT FILED. WW. “A formal elections complaint, filed today with the state of Oregon and Multnomah County, argues County Commissioner Loretta Smith is campaigning for City Hall in violation of the county charter and has blown past the limits on campaign donations approved by county voters last year.”

TX: BLASTING THE HOUSE. CHRON. “The Republican Party of Texas says it has submitted open records requests with the offices of every member of the Texas House as party officials try to figure out who complained to the state’s campaign finance regulator about the party’s speaker commitment form.”


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