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TASK FORCE REPORT. ROC. “As part of their work on the task force, Primo and Milyo conducted two national surveys in 2015 and 2016 to assess the public’s views on campaign finance, how concerned the public is about the role money plays in the political system, and what—if anything—should be done about it.”

NY: ERASE STAIN. CNS. “No longer accepting campaign donations after his treatment of Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Harvey Weinstein raised eyebrows, New York District Attorney Cy Vance said Monday he is in full compliance with a nonprofit’s new report about reducing conflicts of interest.”

TX: LIMITS PUSH. EN. “While the city limits council campaign donations to $500 per reporting cycle, the county has no limits. While the municipal code places restrictions on contributions from entities seeking contracts with the city — no donations to council members from the 10th day after the release of a request for proposal until 30 days after a contract is awarded — the county has no similar regulations.”

WI: VOTE TO OUST. JSO. “Republican state senators Tuesday denied the confirmations of the directors of Wisconsin’s ethics and elections commissions — and the leader of the state Senate said he hoped to remove two civil servants at those agencies next.”

CAN: STANDING BY LAW. TS. “The Liberal government is standing by its campaign finance law, which the Working Families coalition of unions is challenging in court as unconstitutional.”


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