3.7.18 political law links

HATCH ACT HIT.   WP.  “A member of the Trump administration has again been found in violation of the Hatch Act, a federal law prohibiting the mixing of partisan politics with official government business. But anybody waiting for Kellyanne Conway’s reckoning will have to keep waiting.”

NEW HATCH ACT AND SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDANCE.   FW.  “Following is new guidance from the Office of Special Counsel detailing how Hatch Act restrictions on partisan political activities by federal employees apply to social media.”

EAC LIVES ON.   GE.  “These could be tumultuous times for the tiny federal agency called the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.”

WAS SANDERS FINED?   WS.  “Citing the Federal Election Act of 1971, which ‘prohibits any foreign national from making ‘a contribution or donation of money or other thing of value’ in connection with a federal, state or local election’ the FEC fined both Bernie 2016 and the ADL $14,500 each.”

OR:  LIMITS OVERTURNED.   WW.  “When Multnomah County voters overwhelmingly passed a ballot measure to limit campaign contributions and expenditures in November 2016, they ran afoul of the state constitution, a county circuit judge ruled today.”

WV:  VIEW ON REFORM.   WVG.  “This year, a bill has been introduced into the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Sen Charles S. Trump, R-Morgan. This bill is the strongest statement West Virginia can make to demand an end to special interests money dominating our politics.”


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