5.3 political law links

RAVES FOR OPINION.   WE.  “Ho pointed out that contribution limits prohibit the exercise of protected First Amendment rights to support candidates and voice political views even when there is no corruption whatsoever. Adding a badly needed dose of realism, Ho wrote, ‘Countless Americans contribute for no other reason than to support candidates who share their beliefs and interests … without any inkling of a quid pro quo agreement. Indeed, many Americans contribute without ever even communicating with the candidate. … A donor might simply be inspired by the candidate’s prior record of public service, proposed future action, or a particular speech or debate performance. Such contributions are far from corrupt.'”

CA:  FORMER LOBBYIST SENTENCED.  SDUT.  “A former San Diego City Hall lobbyist who admitted funneling campaign contributions from a Mexican tycoon to candidates in the 2012 mayor’s race was sentenced to four months in prison Monday.”

MO:  GIFT BAN UPDATE.   CM.  “The legislation, which has already passed the Senate and was approved by a House committee Tuesday, includes a complete ban on all meals, tickets and other perks from lobbyists. It also includes a new form of term limits, but with a twist: Any lawmaker who was elected before Dec. 6, 2018, would be allowed to return to the Capitol for an additional 16 years.”

MO:  GREITENS UPDATE.  PA.  “A new report released today by a Missouri House investigative committee alleges Gov. Eric Greitens lied about campaign filings and violated campaign finance law when he used a charitable donor list to raise money for his run for governor.”

MT:  DECISION SLAMMED.  SFC.  “Five conservative judges on the federal appeals court in San Francisco accused the court Wednesday of flouting U.S. Supreme Court protections for economic free speech by upholding a state’s limits on political contributions. The case involved a Montana law, but the judges were inviting a new ruling by the high court that might also apply to campaign finance limits in California.”

NC:  FACING A FINE.   HS.  “Durham County sheriff candidate Clarence Birkhead faces fines of $50 a day until he turns in his campaign finance report that was due at 5 p.m. Monday.”


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