9.18.18 political law links

ELECTION LAW NEWS.  Wiley Rein’s latest Election Law News is available.

LETTER IN THE NEWS.  NYT.  “Ted Cruz’s Senate re-election campaign has been sending voters in Texas a fund-raising letter in an envelope labeled “summons enclosed,” drawing criticism from some who called it misleading and raising questions about whether such a practice was legal. It is.”

OPINION ON DISMISSAL.   BBO.  “The Federal Election Commission would prefer not to know. On a party-line vote, the FEC has voted not to pursue enforcement action against the campaign of President Donald Trump for soliciting foreign contributions in the summer of 2016.”

FUND USE BAN.   MH.  “The Federal Election Commission is for the first time seriously considering banning members of Congress from using any political donations for personal use.”

TALKING ABOUT THE LAW.   FOX.  Former Commissioner Smith talks about campaign finance law in the news in this online video.

AR:  ETHICS PACKAGE.   AT.  “Mike Lee, the Democrat challenging Republican Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, outlined a detailed agenda to strengthen Arkansas ethics laws.”

CA:  GAS TAX INVESTIGATION.   CBS.  “California’s campaign watchdog said Wednesday it is investigating whether a campaign to preserve the state’s recent gas tax hike violated finance rules.”


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