Today’s Political Law Links

BIDEN TRIP OFFER.   CNBC.  “Former Vice President Joe Biden’s political action committee is using a trip contest to encourage small dollar contributions from individual donors.”

REQUIRE AN ETHICS PLEDGE?   FS.  “Recently introduced legislation would require federal political appointees in the executive branch to sign a binding ethics pledge after taking office.”

MA:  RUNNING ON FUMES.   GT.  “A ballot initiative aimed at curbing political spending by outside groups is running on fumes, with less than six weeks to go until the election.”

MI:  VIOLATION ALLEGED.   WHMI.  “An email and letter distributed by the founder of a local charter school district appears to be a violation of Michigan election law.”

MN:  NEW DASHBOARD.  MP.  “Minnesota is going to see a lot of campaign fundraising this year. To help make sense of all this, we’re keeping track of two key numbers — amount raised by the candidates and cash on hand.”

NH:  ENDORSEMENT ON CAMPAIGN FINANCE.   SSO.  “A political action committee that advocates for campaign finance reform announced Tuesday it’s endorsing Molly M. Kelly in her run for governor.”

UT:  REFUNDS TO BE MADE.   STL.  “Nathan Evershed, the Republican candidate for Salt Lake County district attorney, will return at least $36,000 in campaign donations after being found in violation of contribution caps by the Salt Lake County clerk.”


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