10.24.18 political law links

CREW FALLOUT.   NR.  “The commission didn’t require all nonprofit groups that fund political ads for or against candidates to unmask their donors, as reformers had hoped it would. Instead, it only required this of groups that solicited funds specifically for that purpose.”

ALLEGATIONS IN COMPLAINT.  MJ.  “Corporate records show that OnMessage and Starboard share the same offices and leadership. The Trace has documented six Senate races in which a Republican candidate hired OnMessage while, in the same cycle, the NRA paid Starboard for ads in support of the same candidate.”

CO:   TRAVEL SCRUTINY.   TG.  “A complaint over Gov. John Hickenlooper’s travels has merit and will be investigated, Colorado’s Independent Ethics Commission has decided.”

CT:  CANDIDATE DENIED.   CP.  “Dennis Bradley, the state Senate hopeful in the 23rd District, has been denied about $95,000 in state campaign funding by the State Election Enforcement Commission.”

WA:  CORPORATE FUNDING.   ST.  “One Washington state lawmaker wants election ads by political-action committees to display logos of their corporate donors, and some kind of warning label.”

WA:  MAILER QUESTIONS.   KUOW.  “Washington’s Public Disclosure Commission said Monday it’s received nine complaints about a series of controversial mailers that were sent to voters in Thurston County and four hotly contested state legislative districts from coastal Washington to Spokane.”


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