New political law links, 1-8-19

CONSENT DECREE DECISION AFFIRMED. 3dCir: “The Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee entered into a Consent Decree on November 1, 1982 to resolve a 1981 lawsuit. Less than two weeks prior to the 2016 presidential election, the DNC filed a motion to hold the RNC in contempt for an alleged violation of the Decree. After fifteen months of discovery, the District Court determined that the DNC had not shown a violation of the Consent Decree. The DNC appeals several discovery orders and the order declaring the Decree expired. We will affirm. “

FALSE FLAG TARGET. NYT. “The discovery of Dry Alabama, the second so-called false flag operation by Democrats in the fiercely contested Alabama race, underscores how dirty tricks on social media are creeping into American politics. The New York Times reported last month on a separate project that used its own bogus conservative Facebook page and sent a horde of Russian-looking Twitter accounts to follow Mr. Moore’s to make it appear as if he enjoyed Russian support.”

INVESTIGATION SOUGHT. WREX. “The Alabama attorney general is not investigating reports of online fakery in the 2017 Alabama Senate race after determining it is an issue for federal election regulators.”

LATEST FIX URGED. POL. “H.R. 1 addresses this problem in numerous ways. Key reforms include requiring states to register eligible voters automatically and to offer online and same-day registration options as well; ensuring that the franchise is not denied because of a criminal conviction to those who are no longer serving a sentence; and establishing Election Day as a national holiday. “

LATEST ON RNC RULES AND 2020. WE. “Currently, all a primary challenger to Trump would have to do to have their name placed in nomination on the convention floor in Charlotte is win a plurality of votes in five states or U.S. territories, or Washington, D.C.”

FUELING GROUP. EEN. “Although the group claims to be committed to transparency, it’s bankrolled by the New Venture Fund, a D.C.-based public charity that doesn’t disclose its donors or how much money they provide for dozens of advocacy projects it supports. But tax records analyzed by E&E News show WVP’s parent organization has received money from groups tied to major oil companies, a coal-fired electric utility and critics of the Trump administration.”

NJ: MONEY SHADOW. NJ. “The Murphy-aligned group that operate New Direction New Jersey, announced late last month that it will keep secret the names of donors who finance the not-for-profit ‘social welfare’ group that promotes Murphy’s policies and progressive image.”

NY: CAMPAIGN FINANCE URGE.  NYDN. “Among the reforms the groups are pushing are early voting, voting by mail, small donor public campaign financing, a reduction in campaign donation limits, and closure of a loophole that allows corporations to virtually give unlimited contributions.”

VA: NORTHAM PUSHES. WP. “The governor is also proposing new campaign finance limits that would cap donations at $10,000, block direct donations from corporations, and prohibit lawmakers from the personal use of campaign funds.”

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