New political law links for 1-17-19

PENDING AT THE FEC. FORBES. “A complaint that alleges Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee violated campaign finance law by steering money for opposition research through a law firm is still pending with the Federal Election Commission.” A number of firms have issued alerts regarding the impact of the shutdown on applicable statutes of limitations in the context of labor law and in other areas.

DEMOCRATS WRITE FEC. POL. “The partial government shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, is affecting the Federal Election Commission’s ability to enforce campaign finance laws and investigate possible infractions, Democrats on the Senate Rules Committee wrote to the FEC on Wednesday.”

INDICTMENT IN PAC CASE. @CGeidner. “A man has been indicted in federal court in Texas on 20 counts for allegedly setting up ‘Feel Bern,’ ‘HC4President,’ and ‘Trump Victory’ in 2016; setting up websites; raising more than $538,000 for those entities; and donating less than $5,100 to political causes.” More here.

GILLIBRAND ON SUPER PACS. POL. “Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand rejected support from an individualized super PAC in her first public comments since joining the 2020 presidential race, staking out a position on campaign finance that’s defining the early stage of the Democratic primary.”

CA: REFORM FOR WOMEN. SB. “California law does not explicit allow or prohibit the use of campaign funds for child care. Parking tickets and security systems are among the permitted expenses.”

IL: CHANCE THE DONOR. CT. “Chance the Rapper gives $400K to Chicago mayoral candidate…”

MD: TANEYTOWN AMENDS. CCN. “Amendments to Taneytown’s ethics ordinance will require select city staff and all elected officials to complete more stringent financial disclosure forms, while changes to the campaign finance ordinance will allow the city’s Ethics Commission to fine candidates that do not comply with campaign finance reporting requirements.”

NY:  2019 AGENDA. GG. “Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed a broad agenda of progressive legislation in his State of the State speech on Tuesday, accompanied by more detailed policy and budget books, including several measures aimed at improving New York’s democracy and increasing public trust in state government.”

TX: PAYMENTS REQUIRED. TM. “Now that he is a free man, former Hidalgo County Sheriff Guadalupe “Lupe” Treviño will be required to start making payments to the Texas Ethics Commission in the amount of $10,000.”

WI: DRAWING ATTENTION. WPR. “In recent months, some Wisconsin residents, among others, have received phone calls from an organization asking that they donate money to help veterans. Hundreds of people have done so only to find later that most of the money didn’t go to veterans.”


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