2-1 political law links

TRUMP CA$H. WSAU. “U.S. President Donald Trump began the year with $19.2 million in campaign cash, a war chest that gives him a head start on Democrats lining up for the chance to run against the Republican in the 2020 White House race.”

WYDEN-TESTER BILL. KTVZ. “Sens. Ron Wyden and Jon Tester on Thursday reintroduced the Spotlight Act, a bill they said would shine a light on dark money political donors and hold the Trump Administration accountable to enforce our nation’s campaign finance laws.”

AL: REPORTS DUE. APR. “Elected officials, candidates, former candidates and political action committees must file the annual report by 11:59 p.m, Secretary of State John Merrill said Wednesday.”

FL: NO LIMIT. SS. “It’s not uncommon for one wealthy corporation or individual to skirt the maximum allowed donation by donating through multiple corporate entities. “

RI: STOP STEALING. PRI. “A Rhode Island senator has introduced legislation designed to close a loophole in state law that allows politicians convicted of stealing from their campaign accounts to pay restitution to their own political fund.”

SD: WHAT HAPPENED. AL. “Former Gov. Dennis Daugaard left office this month with more than $730,000 in his campaign account, and he said Wednesday he has no specific plans for how to spend the money.”

UT: PROPOSAL PASSED. TS. “The Utah House has passed a plan to allow candidates running for office to pay for child care with campaign funds.”



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